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The Remote Firmware Upgrader for wireless routers

In 2010, I founded a company named Gytheion Networks. Gytheion developed and licensed patented technology called the Remote Firmware Upgrader. The Remote Firmware Upgrader enables wireless routers, access points, and wireless gateways to remotely upgrade themselves, automatically, without any user intervention while guarding against device bricking.

Today, the Remote Firmware Upgrader is licensed by 10 wireless networking OEMs and is in use in millions of wireless routers worldwide. A notable licensee is a Fortune 500 technology company with a market capitalization exceeding $100B.

Firmware Management Center is a hosted web application that allows engineers at wireless networking OEMs to upload and remotely distribute new firmware updates to WLAN devices such as wireless routers, access points and wireless gateways that are running Gytheion's Remote Firmware Upgrader embedded software agent.

The Remote Firmware Upgrader is an embedded software agent that runs within the real-time operating system (RTOS) of a wireless router. The Remote Firmware Upgrader receives the wireless router's latest firmware update from a remote server that is controlled by the Firmware Management Center web application. The Remote Firmware Upgrader then applies the firmware update to the wireless router's flash memory, automatically, without any user intervention.

Below is a screenshot of a wireless router's GUI showing the Remote Firmware Upgrader in use in one of our licensee's wireless router products. The licensee's brand is redacted in this screenshot to comply with the confidentiality clause in our license agreement with the licensee.